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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

On Martin Luther King Night, Pink Flower welcomes all to it’s very first show! Come enjoy the sonic/visual works of left-field artists from Thailand, Korea, and the United States.

01.20.2020 @ H0L0 (Back Room) Midnight - 2am **Monday Night**

Free Event Suggested donation : $10 or higher (Thank you!) You can donate here or at the venue!

Voice Training (DJ) (USA) Jaclyn Miller works at the imaginary intersections of poetics, game theory, and sound synthesis. Recording under the moniker Voice Training, she has presented sound pieces at Issue Project Room, Bridget Donahue Gallery, Alyssa Davis Gallery, and Commend NYC.

Peace Enforcer (DJ) (USA) Very angry.

Thanart Rasanon (Live+DJ) (Thailand) Thanart Rasanon aka Pete is a Bangkok born music producer. His latest work, ‘Memory Journey’ (2019), is a mini album with each track accompanied by a memoir relating to multiple personal experiences. He has associated with artists such as 2010 Cannes Palme d'Or award-winning Thai film director, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, 2013 Venice Biennale Thai Artist, Arin Rungjang, 2016 Forbes’s 30 Under 30 Asian, Thai Artist, Tada Hengsapkul & Japanese Avant-Garde Musician, Otomo Yoshihide.

Semi.AV (Visual) (S.Korea)

Pink Flower is a communal project that exchanges & promotes innovative art, music & design, specifically between Southeast Asia and the world.

Supported by Commend (NYC), dublab (LA, INTL), Neighbours Collective (Bangkok), JAM (Bangkok), (Bangkok)

Flyer: @cartoonafterlife

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