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Ah Ku and Karayuki-San: Journey to Chinese-Japanese brothels in Penang with Rama V

Explore the brief stories of Chinese and Japanese prostitutes in Penang at the late of the 19th century.


I try to write some articles that related to the memory of my relative, people around me and myself. This one I found that one of my great-great-grandfathers is one of the followers of King Rama V (Chulalongkorn) in the Malayu Strait trip in the late 19th Century and I dive down to known that part of the trip is the Penang red light district and I found the story of Chinese and Japanese prostitutes. So I just want to write something about it.

on blozxom in English, 日本語 และ ภาษาไทย now~

Special Thanks!

日本語: Chigusa Tomita

English Edit & Proof: Clay Hillenburg

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