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DJ+Live at "O = ÷", Fatslab, Brooklyn on 31st October. with my friends includes a Dublab's friend, Clay (107.18). Meet me there or tell some friends in Brooklyn. See you!

Event Detail:

🌙🌙Halloween Show🌙🌙

Charles Michie (Live)//helx11 (Live) //107.18 (Live)// x Akaliko (Live)//Thanart Rasanon (DJ+Live)

10/31 :: 6pm-11pm :: 5 Linden Blvd Bklyn *back gate entrance*

Charles Michie is an experimental musician whose work revolves around electronic manipulation of acoustic sound. Built out of the “noise section” frayed ends of a prolific songwriting practice, his shapeshifting approach to sonic resonance wanders in the space between genre-identifiers, while often being drawn towards lush states of immersion. This deconstruction is permeated with layers of musical romanticism, to the effect of creating a dream-like and sometimes ecstatic experience at the line of unfamiliarity.

hellx11 is the solo project of producer and multi-instrumentalist Ezra Kahn. A focused investigation of aesthetic inconsistency, impermanent interests, and dystopic nostalgia. Their music is characterized by frenetic, disjointed rhythms, ambient textures, and other noises.

107.18 is a sonic manifestation of pan-net exposure. The music itself is derived from a place where information is unlimited and unrelenting. Textures and rhythms are generally synthesized with a combination of organic samples and digitally sourced drivers. 107.18 aims at giving the listener a shared experience of using a personal computer to explore the Web.

creates experimental multimedia performance projects incorporating elements of structured improvisation, large scale sculpture and projection art, experiential audience engagement, and relatable and non-relatable narrative landscapes.

Akaliko produces 2D/3D animation and interactive installations. He seeks new hybrid possibilities by adapting divergent processes, including hand drawing, creative programming, along with motion design strategies. He continuously develops his personal and conceptual aesthetic involving the human mind and experience in relation to environment via video art and experimental animation.

Thanart Rasanon, aka Pete, is a Bangkok born music producer. He has deep interests in art, culture, nature, psyche, social interaction, politics, new technology, and history. Additionally, He is always excited to collaborate with others and work in multi-disciplinary.

His latest work, ‘Memory Journey’ (2019), is a mini album with each track accompanied by a memoir relating to multiple personal experiences. In 2016, he played at 'Asian Music Network / Asian Meeting Festival 2016' in Japan as “Pete TR”. This festival involved various international Asian experimental/improvisation artists playing together in Japan and was curated by Otomo Yoshihide and FEN - Far East Network supported by the The Japan Foundation 国際交流基金. He also premiered a live soundtrack for the 2010 Cannes Palme d'Or award-winning Thai film director Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s 2015 short film ‘Vapour’ at the 20th Busan Film Festival, in Busan, South Korea.

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